The Charter School, Kochi

Project Description

 Education Design Architects
 1,96,000 sq. ft.
  Education, India

Mies Van Der Rohe’s famous statement says ‘less is more’. The architectural language of The Charter School, Kochi is no different. The buildings are articulated linear boxes with minimalistic contemporary features. The simple, yet interesting facades address the interplay of transparent edges against opaque surfaces. The shading devices give a horizontal expression to the buildings there by giving an impression of a wider spread on the site. Boat shaped sloped roofs, liner shading devices and green screen walls are some of the salient features of the design.

The building plans are based on the concepts of learning communities in which the building form responds to the language of contemporary architecture. The learning communities comprising of learning studios and commons support the 21st century learning and teaching principles. A visual connectedness between the indoors and outdoors is provided by means of large openings on the façade; learning decks and terraces form a physical connection between the indoors and outdoors. Large semi covered terraces provide as viewing decks for the play fields. The majestic façade of the global learning center is eye catching to passers-by on the main road as well as to users of the school.