Greenvalley International School, Trivandrum

Project Description

 Education Design Architects
 220,000 sq ft
  Education, India

The 10 acre site for the Greenvalley International School in Trivandrum is nestled in a scenic location on the outskirts of Trivandrum. The sprawling landscape with its wide spread area of flora and fauna is planned to include a variety of species that are indigenous to the region. The pedestrian friendly campus with its viewing galleries and podiums responds to the spectacular views of the surrounding area. The Greenvalley International School with student strength of 1350 students is designed to showcase an educational medium through its science parks, nature courts, green roofs, natural ponds, rain water harvesting pits and kitchen gardens. Although the academic buildings are spread out on the campus they are seamlessly connected by terraces and verandas. This juxtaposition of the buildings with the terraced landscape creates an interesting dialogue between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The climatically responsive architecture of the campus is enhanced by the use of locally sourced materials. The interior spaces of the buildings are flooded with natural light and breeze, at the same time minimizing heat gains. The sloped roof with large overhangs is harmonious with the local architecture. The design of the campus promises towards the holistic development of the students.