Greenberry World School, Lucknow

Project Description

 Education design Architects
 210,000 sq ft
  Education, India

This 6.5 acre campus is located on the state highway of the heritage city of Lucknow in North India. This will be a unique school with the facilities for pre K to 12 schools to cater for @ 1800 students. The external facade of the school is designed with the contemporary design elements built with the blend of various local materials. The school is targeted to achieve LEED certification from IGBC. The school campus provides grade wise separation & buildings are designed in the campus to support the specific age group. THE DRIVEWAY leads to the primary drop off on the side & further leads to the admin drop off under the gateway near the feature walls. This driveway further extends to the secondary drop off & GLC drop off. THE DROP OFF for primary students happens under the gateway connecting the buildings with the feature wall. These feature walls are designed in a manner to provide an adequate enclosure to the outdoor area extended from learning terraces which also filters the harsh sunlight during the daytime. This GLOBAL LEARNING CENTRE as name specifies provide vast and many extra-curricular activities under one roof which include major sports and cultural activities under one roof. Located in a historically & socially dominated city like Lucknow, this project provides a day boarding school facilities for 1800- 2000 students. School is designed as per “21st century” guidelines form the FNI principals. Many collaborative indoor & outdoor spaces which are again safe guarded by free flowing features walls help in developing a character to the building.