DSB International School, Mumbai

Project Description

 Educational Design Architects
 27,000 sq ft
  Education, India

The design of DSB International School takes educational planning in India to a different level altogether.

Imagine going to a school that has no fixed interior walls! Where learning happens in pods and various pods can be combined together to form larger zones. Where students belong to a floor and not to a classroom. Where the freedom of space inspires the freedom of mind translating into creative, effective and intelligent learning. DSB International School is born as an amalgamation of these ideas.

25 Aurum House on Dady Shet Road, Mumbai is a 30 year old building which houses DSB International School for students from grade 5 to grade 12. ‘Learning pods’ are defined by sliding walls or movable screens or furniture. The flexibility of walls and furniture allows the pods to be combined or opened up to form larger areas for group discussions, seminars etc. All pods open up to the ‘learning commons’ which are spaces that stimulate various activities like collaborative learning, group activities as well as individual studying or reading. ‘Cave spaces’ for focused activities are created in nooks or by means of furniture elements. Semi covered ‘learning terraces’ are planned for activities such as arts and sculpture. Large glazed areas of the exterior walls enable a visual dialogue between the inside and outside.

‘Learning does not happen in vacuum’ – transparency, flexibility, integration and adaptability of spaces are woven into the design of the school. There concepts encourage the freedom of thought and mind.